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Ahrar Al-Sham Did Not Attack Sokur Al-Sham

Ahrar Al-Sham Did Not Attack Sokur Al-Sham


Social media outlets reported today that Ahrar Al-Sham, a main military faction in Jaysh Al-Fateh, attacked a base of another faction in Jaysh Al-Fateh, Sokur Al-Sham in Kafranbel town, Idlib governorate.

Verify-SY contacted Ahrar Al-Sham spokesperson, Ahmed Karah Ali, who denied that his faction attacked Sokur Al-Sham.

Karah Ali explained the incident as a family controversy between members belong to Sokur Al-Sham and other belong to Al-Firqa 13 IN Kafranbel town.
Karah Ali said: “The problem developed soon into a fighting.” “ Although one was killed and others injured, the problem is being solved.”