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On Photos Claimed They are from Daria

On Photos Claimed They are from Daria


Social media outlets shared today photos claimed that they have been shot in Daria town which its residence started evacuating the town after a compromise had been reached between the Syrian opposition and the regime under the regime’s threats of burning the town.


This photo is not from Daria but from Banias coastal town during an anti-regime demonstration in May, 6 2011.

This is not an opposition militant in Daria but it is an FSA member in Deir al Zor city. The photo was taken in March 2013.

Although Verify-SY could not get the full details of this photo, assures that it has been posted on several blogs and news websites for several years.

Verify-SY is attaching the link to Daria Local Council Facebook page. Photos and videos about the evacuation were posted to the page earlier today.

Correct Link : click here