What is fabricated? What is real? in relation to what has happened in al-Zara!

What is fabricated? What is real? in relation to what has happened in al-Zara!


Several news websites, social media pages and personal accounts shared dozens of pictures and videos attributed to the incident in al-Zara. Most of these materials were falsely related to al-Zara. 
Verify-sy.com team searched for the source of the circulated materials in this regard. The team found out that the picture of a girl whose legs were stained by blood was taken in Homs and published by the Guardian in 2012 commenting that the girl was injured due to the violence taking place in Homs city. 
 here original image is a link:

Another circulated picture showed an injured girl. People who posted it stated that she is one of the victims in al-Zara. The reality of the picture confirms that she was one of the victims of a shelling targeted Duma in Rural Damascus in 2015. 
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A third picture showed bodies of dozens of children stating that they died in al-Zara; while this picture dates back to 2013 for children died in the regime's chemical attack on the Eastern Ghouta, Rural Damascus. 
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Another picture of a dead infant stained with blood, people who shared it commented that it is in al-Zara. The reality of the picture confirms that it dates back to 2014 for a child killed in an Israeli attack on Shujaiye neighborhood in Gaza, Palestine.
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The promoters for Alzara Massacre published photo for two kids have been pulled out the rubble . This photo had been used many times by Assad regime and Kurdish militia’s supporters in their accusation against military opposition, while this photo dated in 2015 for two kids have been pulled out their home rubble after Assad regime air force had struck it in Alsokary neighborhood in Aleppo . 
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Activities also used photo for about ten kids in their promotion for “Alzara Massacre” . This photo back to 2013 for kids in Ras Alnabee in Banyas had been killed in massacre committed by regime Shabeha militia .
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They also published photo for two injured kids claiming that they are in Alzara village . But this photo back to 2014 for two kids had been injured in Alhullk neighborhood in Aleppo .

There is also photo for a person holding two human heads has been falsely attributed to opposition fighters who commanded Alzara . We couldn’t determine precisely the place which the photo had been captured in . But it have published previously before two years as that clarified below . 
رابط الصورة الأصلية : here

From another side verify want to mention that North Rural Of Homs Operation Room published photos and videos from Alzara exclusive after their groups dominated it . The also Issued a statement about why they entered the village, and mentioned that most of civilians were armed, but they refused how their fighters deal with “enemy bodies”, and they will punished them according to the statement .
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