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The video recording of "The Tank Cemetery" is not in Afrin

  Monday 05th February 2018

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Pro-PYD pages shared a video which had been recorded by a drone aircraft showing several destructive military vehicles (about five).

The video was titled "The Tank Cemetery" and said it was recorded in Afrin, referring to the armored vehicles are Turkish and destroyed by People's Protection Units-YPG dominated by Democratic Union Party-PYD.

Verify-Sy platform draws the attention to the fact that the recording referred to above is old and not in Afrin.

During the research, turned out that the recording was part of an old posted video of ISIS during the Battle of the Euphrates Shield. Al-Masdar News posted pictures of the video on 21/01/2017, showing the same vehicles which appeared in the above recording.

The website commented on the news on these photos: "ISIS foiled a large-scale attack by the Turkish armed forces in al-Bab countryside, east Aleppo, on Friday, and ISIS posted pictures of this attack showing the destroyed Leopard tanks and other armored vehicles near the town of al-Saflaniya east of al-Bab city".