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This video is old and not from “Olive Branch” operation

  Monday 05th February 2018

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Kurdish News Agency shared today on its official Twitter account a video showing rockets launched in a mountain area.

The agency said in a tweet in English that the video shows the Turkish army shelling on Efrin in north Aleppo.

Following a reverse-search conducted by Verify-Sy turns out the video is being shared on websites and social media pages since November 2017.

Among these pages who shared this video last year, a pro-Assad regime page said the video is for Assad regime shelling opposition locations in Beit Jin in Damascus countryside from the 10th Division base.

Verify-Sy can’t confirm the location or the timing of the video but being shared last year deny its connection to the military operation launched by Turkish army and FSA against PYD militias in Efrin since 2 weeks.