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This video is not of detainees from Eastern Ghouta

  Wednesday 16th May 2018

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  • 05-16

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video showing a half-naked and handcuffed man being tortured by many men.

The video’s publishers said the victim is a civilian from Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside being tortured by Assad forces or Assad-backed foreign militias.

Following a search by Verify-Sy it turns out that the description of the video is wrong, the men who appeared in the video were speaking “Urdu” which is one of official languages in Pakistan.

According to Pakistani professor Umar Karim, the men who torturing the civilian were asking him about everything he knows without specific subject while the victim was saying “I am done”

Verify-Sy also found the same video posted on YouTube on February 2018 saying it is “Pakistani army torturing Bloch activists”.

Verify-Sy couldn’t confirm the information of the video provided by Pakistani activists but the conversation in Urdu language especially the victim in addition to being posted 3 months ago denies any connection to detainees from Eastern Ghouta.