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This photo is from Yarmouk Camp not from al-Daba’a airbase

  Friday 25th May 2018

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Social media pages and news websites shared a photo of an area under bombardment while some buildings are burning.

Photo’s publishers shared the photo with news saying Israeli airstrikes targeted al-Daba’a airbase in Homs countryside while Assad regime official media didn’t share any photo of the attack.

Following a reverse-search conducted by Verify-Sy, it turns out that the photo shared with the “Israeli airstrikes” is of Assad regime airstrikes on ISIS in Yarmouk Camp according to GettyImages and the photo taken by Syrian photo/grapher Rami al-Sayed.

Assad regime official media agency SANA said “on Thursday, Syrian army intercepted a missile attack against an airbase in Homs province and prevented it from reaching its targets” but didn’t publish photos or videos of the attack.