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This object is a fuel tank not a ballistic missile

  Thursday 31st May 2018

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Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces SDF social media pages and accounts shared a photo of a grey cylindrical-shaped object looks like a missile and said it is an air-to-surface missile found in areas were controlled by ISIS.

Some pages and accounts said that SDF found this object near Syrian-Iraqi border along 2 drones and some military vehicles in addition to dozens of boxes containing weapons and ammunition left by ISIS in Syrian and Iraqi desert, the pages only shared the alleged missile next to it what appears to be 2 SDF fighters.

Following a search conducted by Verify-Sy to determinate the object, it turns out it is an extra fuel tank for Tornado fighter jet manufactured by German company “Panavia Aircraft” and we attach a link shows the exact fuel tank published by experts of Tornado fighter jets.

Verify-Sy also shares a link of BBC article talking about police found a Tornado fuel tank in a park in Preston city in UK and it is identical to the fuel tank in the photo.