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This photo is not from Daraa but from Syrian-Iraqi borders

  Friday 29th June 2018

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Social media news pages and personal accounts of activists and journalists shared a photo showing dozens of civilians including women and children some are carrying bags in the desert.

Photo’s publishers said this photo is for civilians who fled Assad regime bombardment on cities and towns in Daraa countryside and others said it is from Syrian-Jordanian borders.

Following a reverse-search conducted by Verify-Sy, it turns out that this photo was published on internet between 2013-2014, the oldest result is from NewYork Time on 16/1/2013 as for Syrian refugees near Syrian-Iraqi borders.

Worth to mention that thousands of civilian from cities and towns in Daraa countryside fled their houses to the Jordanian borders due the aerial and ground bombardment by Assad regime and Russian warplanes while Jordan decided to close all borders and refused to allow more refugees.

Verify-Sy attach new photos of displaced civilians from Nawa city in Daraa western countryside due to Assad regime and Russian bombardment.