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Did Syria Civil Defense open an office in PYD-held areas?

  Sunday 12th August 2018

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Pro-Assad social media pages shared news saying “Syria Civil Defence known as White Helmets opened a center in Ma’abde town in Hasakah countryside which is controlled by PYD armed groups”

The claims promoted by pro-regime media amid attacking PYD authorities which control Hasakah province

Verify-Sy talked with the media office of Syria Civil Defence who denied claims that “White Helmets” have any offices in PYD-held areas

The media official told Verify-Sy that “White Helmets” opened one office only in PYD-held areas, but PYD closed it and arrested Mostafa Badrakhan the head of the office before they released a month later

Furthermore, a local aid NGO called “White Helmets for Aid and Development” has an office in Ma’bade town but not related to Syria Civil Defence which main aim is to save and rescue civilians from Assad regime and its allies attacks in Syria