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Pro-Regime Websites fabricate a fight in Nizip city in Turkey

  Tuesday 09th October 2018

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Pro-regime websites shared news lately titled “Syrians in Turkey; where to go?” and said that a Syrian guy was killed and others injured in a brawl between Syrian and Turkish in Gaziantep province in south Turkey.

The websites cited information from Turkish newspaper Hurryiet and said the fight escalated to lynching which caused the death of one Syrian and injury of another.

Verify-Sy reviewed news on Turkish media including Hurryiet newspaper about the incident, it turns out a similar incident happened in Nizip city in Gaziantep province and one young man (18 years old) was killed and another injured.

According to the translation from Hurryiet, it turns out that the fight was between two groups of Syrians in Nizip city for unknown reason but it wasn’t a fight between Syrian and Turkish people.