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British Army air show shared as an air show by Haftar forces in Libya

  Monday 08th April 2019

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SMM account on Twitter shared a video saying it is an air show over the Libyan capital Tripoli by the Haftar-led Libyan National Army warplanes.

The account, which is called the official account of the Special Monitoring Mission to Libya, said the video shows the Libyan warplanes drawing a heart in the sky of Tripoli.

With love from the Khalifa #Haftar-led Libyan #National Army to the capital #Tripoli and beloved Tripolitanians and all people living in the West of #Libya.#LNA AF is spotted in the sky above Tripoli.

Verify-Sy searched for the source of this video and it turns out it was posted on YouTube on June 2018 under the title “RAF Red Arrow's Llandudno Armed Forces Day 2018”