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What’s the truth behind the story of the nurse who switched 5000 infants in Zambia?

  Thursday 11th April 2019

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  • 04-11

News websites and social media news pages shared lately news saying a nurse in Zambia confessed switching 5000 infants after their birth only for joy during her work in Lusaka University Hospital between 1983 and 1995.

The websites and pages added that the nurse is called Elizabeth Mwewa who confessed the crime of switching the babies for fun during her work at the hospital, the nurse said she confessed now because she seeks mercy after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Following a search conducted by Verify-Sy, we found a statement issued by the General Nursing Council in Zambia on 5 April denying there was a nurse called Elizabeth Mwewa in its records and the Hospital records but adding that an investigation is ongoing.

The news was widely shared by international media websites, some deleted the story while others still sharing it without mentioning the statement of the General Nursing Council in Zambia.