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A tweeter claims that a building in Hama countryside is a “Shari’a court”

  Tuesday 14th May 2019

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A pro-Assad tweeter, @Partisangirl, posted a photo of 4 soldiers who seems cheerful in front of a building, which holds a banner reading “al-Shari’a Village Council”; she wrote: “The Syrian army drinking beer outside a Sharia court after victory over #AlQaeda in south #Idlib.,” on Sunday.

Verify-Sy would like to clarify that “al-Shari’a” is the name of a village in Hama countryside, and that the photo was taken in front of al-Shari’a Village Council; it is not a Shari’a court.

Assad forces and Russian air force had been bombing al-Shari’a village for the past several years, which caused tens of fatalities, in addition to destroying residential buildings and public utilities.

Assad regime forces have taken control of al-Shari’a village, after heavy clashes with opposition factions on Saturday. They also have taken control of few other villages and nearby areas.