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The recently released Kurdish detainees are not members of the Kurdish National Council

  Wednesday 15th May 2019

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“Jarablus Security Committee has released 27 persons on Tuesday, most of whom originated in Kubani”, social media users and pages said.

They claimed that “the released detainees used to work for the Kurdish National Council (KNC), they were charged, among other things, with robbery and assault. Some of them has criminal records.”

Verify-Sy checked these claims; it turned out that Jarablus Security Committee, which consists of Turkish-backed factions in Jarablus, released 51 persons in two waves over the past two days, all of whom are Kurdish civilians who originated in Ain al-Arab (Kubani) in eastern Aleppo countryside, and Tal Abiad in eastern Raqqa countryside. They were arrested after entering Syria from Jarabulus Crossing two weeks ago.

“The released detainees are civilians who willingly came back to Syria, after the closure Suruj Camp in Urfa province by the Turkish authorities,” Ali Tammi, a member of the Kurdish Future Movement, told Verify-Sy.

Tammi denied any claims of the released detainees having any political or military affiliations. He pointed out they were detained without any legal justification. He assured that none of the member of the KNC, its movements or parties were arrested in the opposition held areas.

NKC organized a consultative meeting with the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) during the visit of the latter to the Turkish city of Urfa. HNC also met with civil actors from eastern Syria. In a statement on its official website on Tuesday, HNC said that opposition factions released 51 civilian detainees in Jarabulus, who were arrested after coming back to Syria.

All of the Syrian returnees, who cross the borders through border crossings between Turkey and Syria, are subjected to interrogations, in accordance with security instructions from Turkey and Turkish-backed factions.