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Aydınlık newspaper did not conduct an interview with Assad

  Thursday 16th May 2019

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Aydınlık Turkish newspaper published statements allegedly made by Bashar Assad about Syria-Turkey relations; these statements were circulated on social media.

In its latest issue, on 12 May, the newspaper published an article entitled “Paranoia.. Will Assad and Erdogan meet?” It quoted Assad as saying, “Turkey is an important country. We are open to cooperation with it. We do not hold meetings with Turkey only through Russia and Iran, Syrian and Turkish officers met at many places, most importantly at Kasab. The Syrian Committee also had a meeting with Fidan”

Verify-Sy translation team checked the article; it turned out that the newspaper made no mention to its source of information. The newspaper did not say 

Aydınlık reported that Assad held a special meeting at the presidential palace with official and private media outlets, journalists, and writers on 8 May, in 75th remembrance of Victory Day over Nazism in World War II. According to the newspaper, Assad responded to all of the questions. However, it made no mention of sending any correspondent to the meeting.

“Remarks attributed to His Excellency are untrue, “ posted Assad regime presidency Facebook page, in reference to the reports, during Assad’s meeting with political and economic analysts, according to the statement that was published after Aydınlık newspaper had published its alleged interview.

Turkey cut ties with the Syrian regime after the eruption of the Syrian revolution. Many rumors has recently spread about restoring ties after Astana conference where delegations from the opposition, the regime, Turkey, Iran and Russia were present.