In field - Misinformation

These persons were not killed due to the latest clashes between Assad forces and opposition

  Monday 20th May 2019

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  • 05-20

Social media accounts and pages posted photos of persons claiming that they were killed due to the latest clashes between regime forces and opposition factions.

A photo of a regime forces captain, Iman Yassin Yusuf, was circulated on social media; it was claimed that she was killed due to the recent battles, without indicating where. Verify-Sy checked the photo; it turned out that Iman was killed due to al-Zahra explosions in Homs in 2016.

Both pro-Assad pages and anti-Assad activists posted a photo of regime soldier Ghassan Mohammad Ozon, claiming that he was killed due to the recent battles. However, our team found out that he was killed in 2015.

In the same vein, pro-regime pages posted a photo the former Ahrar al-Sham Military Commander, Mohammad al-Dabbous, with his group in Sahl al-Ghab. Our team found out that the commander was killed January 2016, due to a battle with other factions.

On the other hand, reports about the injury or death of Zain al-Abedeen al-Darwish were circulated on social media. In fact, he is still alive and used a livestream video to announce that after rumors of his assassination by opposition factions were circulated on spread media.

Regime forces has recently intensified attacked on the non-regime-controlled areas in Idlib and hama countryside. The clashes caused tens of causalities among civilians, opposition factions, and Assad forces. In the absence of independent media, there is no exact information on the causalities from both sides.