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Media outlets claim regime forces captured 16-opposition fighter, using a misleading video

  Friday 31st May 2019

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  • 05-31

The English-language South Front website reported that Assad forces seized control of Arima town in northwest Hama countryside on 12 May, after clashes with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Citing “pro-government” sources, South Front posted blurred photos of dead bodies who were killed during battles in northwest Hama, and a video showing “16 terrorists who were captured by the army.”

Our team fact-checked the report; it turned out that HTS does not control the town. According to military sources, the National Front for Liberation (NFL) does. Moreover, the video is irrelevant to the recent battles in Hama countryside; it was previously circulated on social media titled “confessions of HTS prisoners who are captured by revolutionists in Ma'arrat al-Numan in a failed attempt to control the city”, which was posted in March 2018.

In the same vein, NFL spokesperson Captain Naji Mustafa denied capturing any of its members during the recent clashes in Hama countryside, in a statement to Verify-Sy. Mustafa Bakkour, a colonel at Jaysh al-Izza, also denied capturing any of its members during the recent clashes. However, he clarified that it was not possible to pull two fighters’ dead bodies due to the intensive bombardment and clashes.

On the other hand, an HTS source assured to Verify-Sy that Assad forces captured one of its injured fighters, while HTS fighters captured an officer and two members of Assad forces. Verify-Sy spotted one video of a captured opposition fighter by Assad forces during the recent battles; we avoid sharing it because of its /graphic content.