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This is an old photo and it is not of a suicide of Assad forces

  Wednesday 12th June 2019

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Social media accounts circulated a photo of a young man hanging from a tree. They claimed that it is of a member of Assad forces who committed suicide for fear of being thrown into northern Syria battles. They also claimed that he originated in al-Qanjara town, Lattakia.

Our team checked the photo; it turned out that several Moroccan news websites included it in reports on suicide in the country in 2015. Verify-Sy was unable to find out where or when it was taken. However, the fact that it was posted in 2015 refutes its relation with the recent battles between opposition factions and Assad regime forces in Hama countryside. Furthermore, our team has not found any recent reports on a suicide committed by members of Assad forces.

Assad regime intensive ceaseless bombardment of Idlib and Hama countryside resulted in killing 697 civilians including 203 children since February, coinciding with heavy clashes between Assad forces and opposition factions in Hama countryside.