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Does Turkey Prohibit Syrians From Compulsory Service?

  Saturday 22nd June 2019

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  • 06-22

Pro-Assad social media pages has claimed that Ankara prohibits Syrian who acquired Turkish citizenship from compulsory service in its military institutions because the Turkish authorities consider them as “traitors to their homeland who cannot be trusted on another country.

In order to fact-check these allegations, Verify-Sy checked the relevant Turkish laws; it turned out that these allegations are untrue. Furthermore, a male citizen, even if he has dual citizenship, is obliged by Turkish law to perform compulsory service.

Article 2 of Turkey’s Military Service Law states:

“Those who obtained Turkish citizenship shall perform their military service in the same way as the local recruits, according to the age they were when they obtained Turkish citizenship.

Those who have completed their 22nd year before obtained (Turkish) citizenship, or who are understood to have already completed their military service in the country of origin and who have obtained (Turkish) citizenship, shall not be made soldiers.”

“Those who obtained Turkish citizenship shall have the right to postpone their compulsory service for not more than two years. They will be informed during the year in which the deferral ends.”

“During general mobilization, there shall be no exemptions.”

In addition, there is no mention of exempting Syrians from military service in a military service bill that is being discussed in the National Assembly of Turkey.

A Syrian man was called for compulsory service two months after he has acquired Turkish citizenship, Turkish media outlets reported.

Early this year, Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu stated that 80 thousand Syrians have acquired Turkish citizenship, 55 thousand of whom have the right to vote.