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Did Assad regime recently shoot down Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus?

  Wednesday 03rd July 2019

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Social media accounts reported that Assad regime air defense shot down an Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus following Israeli air raids on Syria.

An aircraft likely to be Israeli was shot down over northern Cyprus, some accounts claimed, citing Firil Center for Studies (FCFS); others posted a video of what they say is the wreckage from the aircraft.

Verify-Sy checked the regime’s official news outlets; they have made no mention of shooting down an Israeli aircraft following the recent Israeli air raids. On the other hand, Tel Aviv have not announced shooting down any of its aircrafts during its recent air raids on Syria.

FCFS later pointed out that the Turkish Cypriot authorities reported that the object that crashed in northern Cyprus was a Russian-made air defense missile; the center had earlier reported that the object was an aircraft likely to be Israeli.

Ersin Tatar, the prime minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, said yesterday that an S-200 missile crashed in Cyprus on Sunday evening, amid Israeli air raids on Syria.

The regime’s official news outlets reported that 4 civilians were killed and 21 injured by Israeli air raids in Sahnaya town in Damascus suburbs.