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Fabricated Quotes about Islamists Attributed to Syrian Dissident Intellectual Burhan Ghalioun

  Saturday 03rd August 2019

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  • 08-03

Egyptian websites have claimed that Syrian dissident thinker Burhan Ghalioun stated Islamists reject the civil state aiming to mobilize for and promote their views.

They have claimed that Ghalioun told Veto news website power-seeking political Islam rejects the civil state, and tempts to distort it in order to mobilize people to side with them and show themselves as the guardians of religious belief, identity, values, and morality.”

“(Ghalioun says) it is necessary to combat Islamists monopoly of religion and identity, explaining that the battle of citizenship and ensuring equal liberties, rights, and duties for every individual, and religious reform, is prioritized over any other issue in the Arab and Muslim countries,” they added.

Verify platform reached out to Dr. Burhan Ghalioun via phone for comment on these claims. He denied making these statements, emphasizing that he has never given any statement to an Egyptian news website. 

“Many Egyptian websites published false quotes attributed to me. These quotes were fabricated to serve their propaganda,” he told Verify platform.

“This unethical use of the names of writers and thinkers in the battles of the political regimes and their propaganda reflects the extent of decadence of media platforms ordered by political authorities,” Ghalioun told Verify platform, referring to the Egyptian websites that misquoted him.

Burhan Ghalioun is a Syrian dissident academic and politician who served as the chairperson of the Syrian opposition National Council before the formation of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. He is currently the chairperson of the Orient Center for Studies at Sorbonne University.