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Father from Afrin danced at his daughter’s funeral? No, it is a doctored video

  Saturday 10th August 2019

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Facebook pages circulated a video that shows a man dancing at a funeral ceremony. They have claimed that “a father from Afrin (Syria) was dancing during during the funeral ceremony of his daughter who was murdered by Turkish soldiers.”

Most of these pages shared the video with a caption that reads, “This father from Afrin promised his daughter that he will dance at her wedding, but Turks killed her, so he danced at her funeral.”

The spokesperson of Syrian Democratic Forces-affiliated Manbij Military Council (MMC) Sharfan Darwish shared the video on his Facebook profile.

Verify platform inspected the video and reached the conclusion that the footage has been doctored. It was taken from an Azerbaijani TV series titled “Ata Ocağı” (Ancestors’ Furnace) and the original music was replaced with a Kurdish song.

The footage was taken from episode 78, which was posted on YouTube on January 8, 2018; it shows the leading actor Gurban Ismailov dancing at his daughter’s funeral who died before he fulfills his promise of dancing at her wedding.

Activists along with Syrian and international human rights organizations accuse Syrian opposition factions and Turkey of committing human rights abuses against civilians in Afrin since seizing control of it in March 2018.