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This Video is of Clashes in Iraq, not in Syria’s Latakia

  Wednesday 14th August 2019

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Facebook accounts and pages have circulated a video that shows clashes with light weapons in a mountainous area, claiming that it shows clashes between Syrian opposition factions and Assad regime forces in al-Kabbineh district in Latakia’s countryside.

A page posted the video along with a text that reads, “Watch the heroes al-Kabbineh today”, referring to the close engagement shown in the video.

Another page posted the same video three months ago, claiming that it is of “steady opposition combatants on al-Kabbineh frontline.”

In addition, a Youtube channel called “ahmad arnab” posted the video titled “Real-life PUBG in al-Kabbineh hills.”

Verify platform inspected the video and reached the conclusion that it dates back to 2018 and shows clashes between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Turkish army in the northern Iraqi Qandil mountains.

The video, posted by PKK’s media center, shows a series of attacks on the Turkish army in northern Iraq.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party is a Kurdish leftist organization, which was formed in the 70s in a Kurdish majority region in southern Turkey. In the early 80s, it engaged in an armed conflict with the Turkish state.

Assad forces has been carrying out attacks on al-Kabbineh hills in Latakia’s countryside, aiming at seizing control of it. These hills are considered to be a strategic point on Idlib’s western- and Latakia’s countryside.