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This Video Was Taken in Jordan, Not of Lebanese Shooting at Syrian

  Monday 02nd September 2019

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Social media pages circulated a video of a person who seemed to be shooting at another person. They have claimed that a Lebanese person shot at a Syrian young man, and that Lebanese forces did not intervene.

The video shows a group of persons, one aimed a gun and fired, another one was lying on the ground and bleeding, while some a number of persons were get the gunman away from the one lying on the ground.

Verify platform inspected the video; we found out Jordanian media outlets reported the video, almost two weeks ago, to be of two men with criminal records assaulting a nightclub owner in Swaifia district in Jordan’s capital city Amman.

“Sawt al-Madina” (Voice of the City) online newspaper posted a video of the same incident from a different angle, and reported that a nightclub owner was struck with five bullets in different areas of his body on August 16, at dawn, . Citing security source, “Al-Raey” (The Opinion) Jordanian newspaper reported that police arrested the person who shot the nightclub owner.

Jordanian authorities and media outlets have not reported that a Syrian was involved in the incident.

Recently, many videos and news about Syrian refugees circulated, many of which were debunked.