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This video is not of an attack by the police on immigrants at the Turkish-Greek borderi

  Thursday 19th September 2019

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Social media pages and accounts shared recently a video of a group of people being beaten, and said that for "the police attack on immigrants at the Turkish-Greek border," without any additional information.

In the video, it appeared to be of the police beat people with batons sitting while in the middle of the road while the victims are screaming.

Verify-Sy verified the video and found that the uniforms of the police officers in the video have (Policia..Mossos d'Esquadra) which refers to the local police forces in Catalonia, Spain.

Photo of the police uniform as appeared in the shared video 

Photo of the Catalan police (Source is Local Team Platform

Verify-Sy team also found the same video was posted on YouTube last year, as an "attack of the local police in Catalonia against the protesters demanded the release of political prisoners."

Catalonia region in northeastern Spain is an autonomous region with its own parliament flag, national anthem, language and its own police force. 

Worth to mention that the Spanish police had arrested a number of prominent officials in Catalonia, before and after the referendum announced by the local government of the region organized in 2017, in order to secede from Spain.

The Catalonian parliament announced secession of the territory from Spain in October 2017, which led to the outbreak of clashes between Spanish police and the Catalan separatists before the Spanish Senate declared the activation of an article in the constitution, under which the administration of Catalonia was transferred to the Central Government in Madrid.

recently, social media accounts shared several days ago a video said it shows the "attack of the Turkish Coast Guard against a boat of migrants in the sea", while she the Turkish Coast Guard statement said "The rumors about the mishandling of its teams against migrants at sea are baseless."