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These Photos Aren’t of Prisoners of Assad Forces in Idlib Prisons

  Sunday 22nd September 2019

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On Saturday, social media profiles and pages have shared photos of individuals in a room, most of them wear an orange outfits, claiming that they are members of the Assad forces along with other civilians imprisoned in Idlib province.

A Facebook page called “Syrian Republic Presidency – Directorate of Missing” has posted the same photos with the hashtags “#مكتب_المفقودين” (Directorate of Missing) and “#فجر_العودة_ادلب” (dawn of Returning to Idlib), without providing any additional information about the photos.

In a room that contains dozens of individuals, some shows signs of exhaustion while others were almost naked.

Verify platform inspected these photos and found out they do not show prisoners of the Assad forces in the province of Idlib. In fact, they are of prisoners suspected of being members of the Islamic State organization (ISIS) who appeared in a report broadcast by CBS News channel on September 17, from a prison run by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria.

Photo that were claimed to be of prisoners of the Assad forces in Idlib.

Screenshot of CBS News report from inside a prison for suspected members of ISIS run by ISIS

According to the report, the detention facility is located in northeast Syria and holds almost 5,000 prisoners; some of them hold the Dutch, German, or U.S. nationality.

CBS reported that the SDF run several prisons across northern Syria, which together hold about 12,000 ISIS suspects, including 4,500 foreigners.

“Nearly 3,000 individuals are still detained or forcibly disappeared by the Syrian Democratic Forces,” the Syrian Network for Human Rights recently reported. “These forces detained civil society activists under the pretext of being members of ISIS.”