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The Man in This Photo Was Arrested in Idlib, Not in Assad held areas

  Tuesday 24th September 2019

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A Facebook page called "Muntada Shabab al-Salamiah" (Al-Salamiah Youth Forum) reported that Criminal Security Directorate of the Assad regime in al-Shari'a village detained one of the most dangerous wanted persons for abductions, murders, and armed robberies.

In its post, the page shared a photo of a bare chested man with tattoos on his body, including "A nation led by Assad will never fall," and "We are all Basel," without providing any additional information about the person.

Verify platform inspected the photo, and our reporter in Idlib countryside could determine the identity of the man appeared in the photo; his name is Walid M. who has been shot and injured on September 22 in the opposition-held areas southern Idlib, after being suspected of attempting to steal electric wires with 3 others.

According to Verify reporter, a checkpoint of the National Front of Liberation at the east of Kafroma has shot at a car carrying the suspects after they ignored orders to stop by the checkpoint. The shooting resulted in the death of one member of the group, injuring Walid M., and detaining another member. The fourth member of the group managed to escape.

A medical source at Ma'aret al-No'man Central Hospital, who preferred not to be named, told Verify the hospital last Sunday received a young man shot in the belly. He added that the young man tattooed "A nation led by Assad will never fall" on his chest and "We are all Basel" on his back, which is identical to the tattoos in the photo.

Of note, websites and social media accounts posted photos of this person explaining that he was shot after being suspected by the inhabitants of Kafroma southern Idlib.

Security chaos takes place in both opposition-held areas and regime-held areas, given the spread of thefts, abductions, and assassinations.