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Will Earth Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness Due To Solar Storm?

  Friday 04th October 2019

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Social media pages and accounts have recently claimed circulated news about a “huge solar storm” that will soon cause 6 days total darkness.

“Scientist have reached disappointing results, after observing the last events on the surface of the sun,” Al-Arabiya News Channel reported. “It is possible that the earth will fall into complete darkness for 6 days because of a ‘huge’ solar storm.” Citing Russian News Agency Sputnik and WAN, Al-Arabiya said that the alleged “solar storm” happens only once every 250 years and it will occur in December 2019. It has also claimed that 90% of the sunlight might be blocked from reaching the earth, and that the magnetic storm will be caused because “spot AR2192” will launch plazma.

Other news websites and pages have reported the same news story posted by Al-Arabiya.

Verify platform inspected this news story and found that satirical news site posted it in 2014.

Huzlers is a Chicago based satirical news blog that focuses on celebrities, hip-hop and urban entertainment.

The same news story was repeatedly circulated over the past few years without fact-checking these claims from a specialized scientific source or mentioning that the news site that first posted it is a satirical blog.

The director of Jeddah Astronomy Society, Majed Abu Zahra, said in a statement on the organization’s Facebook page, “The information regarding the solar storm is totally false.”

Abu Zahra said that it is not the first time that such false claims are being circulated, noting the importance of checking the information and its source before publishing or circulating it.