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Was there defection among Turkish Gendarme during the military operation in northeast Syria?

  Sunday 13th October 2019

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Social media news pages and personal accounts close to Democratic Union Party (PYD) shared news saying hundreds defected from the Turkish Gendarme while army commanders are preparing for a new military coup.

Efrin News Facebook page shared this news on Monday 7 October while Turkish army announced finishing preparations to start the operation against SDF-held areas in northeast Syria. 

The alleged news cited Hurriyet newspaper saying “tension in Turkey as more than 700 personnel of the Turkish Gendarme close to Fethullah Gulen Movement defected.

The page added that Hurriyet said “army commanders are preparing a military coup now.”

Verify-Sy searched thoroughly in Hurriyet website, and other websites, but found no article mentioning the alleged defection or a plan to launch a military coup.

Verify-Sy contacted Hurriyet for confirmation but received no answer until Saturday 12 October.

Worth to mention that the Turkish army with the Syrian National Army launched a military operation against People’s Protection Units (YPG), Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS and to establish a safe zone for the return of the Syrian refugees according to Anadolu Agency.