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This Video Doesn’t Show Members of SDF Crying After Withdrawal of U.S. Forces

  Thursday 24th October 2019

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Social media accounts have posted a video that shows sorrowing men dressed in military uniform, and claimed that commanders at the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were crying and accusing the U.S. of selling them out.

YouTube channels, posting in Turkish, have also posted the same video, claiming that it shows members of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) shedding tears after the launch of the Turkish military operation.”

Two armed men can be seen in the video, while talking to Kurdistan 24 reporter; it is not clear when or where the video was taken.

Verify-Sy checked the video and found that it circulated in October 2017 on YouTube, after the failure of the independence attempt for Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and the following events when the Baghdad government forces took areas that had been held by the Peshmerga.

An armed man who appears in the video says in Kurdish, “The Peshmerga are not protecting nor resisting!” The other says: “We welcome your decent channel. We are still here, and will remain here, but we don’t have any strength or energy left.. We bled and gave martyrs.”

Verify-Sy platform could not precisely determine when or where the video was recorded. However, the fact that it circulated in 2017 refutes its relation to the recent Turkish military action east of the Euphrates in Syria.

In late September 2017, the inhabitants of the Kurdistan region voted in referendum on whether to support separation from Baghdad. However, the referendum did not gain international recognition.

The U.S. has recently withdraw some of its troops from areas under the SDF control in north and east of Syria, which coincided with the launch of the Turkish military operation there.

On October 9, the Turkish army launched a military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces in east of the Euphrates; the operation was later stopped after U.S.-Turkish-Russian understandings.