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Child in This Video Says Goodbye to His Late Brother in Syria’s Darayya, Not in Palestine

  Sunday 17th November 2019

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Coinciding with the Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Facebook pages have circulated a photo of a child inside a medical center claiming that it shows an injured Palestinian boy saying goodbye to his late brother.

These pages have not provided any information about the identity of the children or the location where the video was taken, which has gone viral with thousands of views and hundreds of shares and comments.

Verify-Sy platform inspected the video and found that it was taken from a larger one, which was posted for the first time by the Darayya Local Council channel on YouTube; it shows an injured child saying goodbye to his late brother, who was killed by Assad’s barrel bombs on Darayya in January 2014.

Ex-UN humanitarian aid chief Stephen O'Brien described Darayya in 2016 as “the Syrian capital of barrel bombs,” because of the intensive bombardment against the city by the Assad regime and its allies.

In August 2016, the Assad regime captured Darayya after reaching an agreement with the opposition factions, under which civilians were evacuated to the town of Sahnaya in the Damascus suburbs, and opposition fighters and their families to the province of Idlib, after handing over their medium and heavy arms, overseen by the International Red Crescent.

The situation escalated in the Gaza Strip last Tuesday after the Israeli occupation forces had assassinated a commander of the Islamic Jihad Movement and had launched airstrikes against the Strip; in response, Palestinian factions launched rockets at “Israeli” cities and towns.