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The Guardian Published False Information about Barada Valley

  Monday 02nd January 2017

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Newspapers and news sites, including British newspaper "The Guardian"  published today a news piece entitled “Hundreds of Syrians Flee as Assad's Forces Bomb Groups Excluded from Ceasefire.” Quoting a statement from Rami Abdul Rahman the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director to the American news agency Associated Press, where He said, “the Barada Valley region was not part of the recent ceasefire.”
AP quoted Abdul Rahman where he said, “there were buses in the region ready to evacuate civilians but could not confirm how many people had left,” and that “the Barada Valley region was not part of the ceasefire because of the presence of Fatah al-Sham Front, formerly known as the Nusra Front.”


Verify-Sy contacted the Media Centre in Barada Valley to check the information published by "AP" quoting the Syrian Observatory director, the centre refuted Mr. Abdul Rahman statement, confirming that there is no presence of any kind of Fatah al-Sham Front or any other military groups affiliated to them. 

Verify-Sy also received a copy of a statement signed by all civil societies organizations, local civil services entities and activists, and local community organizations working in Barada Valley villages and towns, declaring that Fateh al-Sham or its affiliated organizations and groups does not have presence in Barada Valley region. Including that, the regime’s allegations of targeting Fateh al-Sham are purely lies to justify breaking the ceasefire, assuring that all fighters in the region are locals, majority are fighting under Abdal Asham, which is one of the Free Syrian Army fractions, the rest are civilians who curried up weapons.