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Yilmaz, a fighter from Netherlands was killed months ago

  Tuesday 31st January 2017

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“Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” campaign has reported today that one of the leaders in ISIL known as “Saleh Yehya Ghazali Yilmaz” has been killed in 28 Jan 2017 by the coalition air raid near Tabqa, East of Raqqa. 

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one of ISIS leaders "Saleh Yahya Ghazali Yilmaz" was killed by airstrike near the city of Tabqa west Raqqa on 28/1//2017.

— الرقة تذبح بصمت (@Raqqa_SL) ٣١ يناير، ٢٠١٧

The campaign has pointed out that Yilmaz was a member in the Royal Netherlands Army before dissenting in 2013 to join ISIL. 

Verify would like to clarify that news items declaring the death of Saleh Yehya, the leader in ISIL who is also known as “Israfil Yilmaz”, 29 years old, was published in last September on many Arabic and international websites.

Verify attaches the Daily Mail report in 20 Sept 2016 on the death of Yilmaz in an air strike in Raqqa. Yilmaz’s story became popular and controversial on social media after joining ISIL mainly after he certified his story via Instagram and Twitter and other blogs.