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Tahrir Al-Sham didn’t include the revolution flag in the logo

  Wednesday 01st February 2017

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  • 02-01

A new logo for Tahrir Al-Sham committee was circulated today on social media. A coloured map of Syria using the revolution flag colours has been added to the logo background. Furthermore, the name of the committee was underlined by a line using the colours of the revolution flag with the three stars. 

It has been said that the committee has adopted this logo that carries the revolution flag as a new logo where the old logo didn’t include a Syrian map or the revolution flag. 

Verify-Sy has contacted Tahrir AL-Sham media officer Abu Anas Al-Shami who refuted any changes to the original logo of the committee. The logo of the committee has neither a map nor a flag. He added that the logo that has been spread today was done by individualistic efforts and the committee didn’t adopt it. 

Fateh Al-Sham Front has declared merging with other faction, days ago, such as Nour al-Din al-Zenki forming a new faction called Tahrir Al-Sham committee.