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SDF did not advance through Raqqa from east

  Friday 24th March 2017

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  • 03-24

Several Arabic TV stations has circulated an article on Friday about launching an SDF-Marines joint military operation to advance toward Raqqa city from the eastern countryside. The operation –according to an SDF military commander- limited to the eastern side of Raqqa.

Verify-sy  team contacted several military sources who assured that the “Euphrates Rage” forces are stationed nearby al-Fatesa town which approximately located 20 km eastern Raqqa city while they –the forces- stationed from over a month in “Shnineh Bridge” which approximately 6KM northeastern Raqqa city.

However, a Euphrates Rage military commander tweeted that the forces has controlled Farsat Abu Ismail town which approximately 25km eastern Raqqa city.

غضب الفرات
المرحلة الثالثة من حملة غضب الفرات
تحرير قرية فارسات ابو اسماعيل من مرتزقة داعش من محور ابو خشب ، الواقعة ٢٥كم شرقي مدية الرقة

— Cihan Shekh Ahmed (@cihan_shekh) ٢٤ مارس، ٢٠١٧