In field - Misinformation

A statement attributed to the armed opposition

  Friday 31st March 2017

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  • 03-31

A false statement was published today by the Fourth Authority site, affiliated to "kurdish self-management Administration ", claiming that the relief committee of Sulaiman Shah brigade has displaced many Kurdish inhabitents from Sunbat and Qubasin towns, northern Syria to house 60 families of the recently-arrived displaced people from al-Waa'r neighborhood in Homs, referring to a dimo/graphical changes in northern Syria. 

The false statment also referred that the "Unified Turkmen Army", will displace all of the Kurdistan workers' party's (PKK) families in al-Shahba area -the Euphrates Shield-controled area to settle down the Arab displaced people.

In response, Suliman Shah brigade has issued a statment denying the validity of the statement. The brigade's top-commander said that "the Kurds are our people and brothers and we only fight PKK, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), ISIL, Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN), and the pro-Assad's militias. The commander added that there are a lot of Kurds militants in the brigade fighting those parties.