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Hatay Governor deny issuing any statement on Turkish forces enter Idlib

  Saturday 06th May 2017

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News pages and personal accounts on social media websites shared today news saying Hatay governor issued statement saying Turkish forces on the borders will enter Idlib in the next few hours.

News also mentioned special Turkish convoy was sent yesterday and met Syrian opposition groups leaders told them to not resist Turkish forces at all.

Verify-Sy reached out to Turkish political and journalist sources to verify the statement and the sources denied the claims saying this is outside Governor jurisdiction.

One of those sources Verify-Sy talked to is Yeni Safak reporter “Yilmaz Bilgen”who said he called personally Hatay governor “Erdal ATA” and asked him about if he issued a statement about Turkish forces entering Syria and the governor denied.

In the same context Verify-Sy reporter in Idlib denied unusual movement of Turkish army near the borders.