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Turkish Judiciary didn’t issue general decision about "Coalition passports"

  Saturday 13th May 2017

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  • 05-13

Syrian news websites and activists on social media shared tweet by Syrian opposition figure saying “Turkish judiciary issued decision de-criminalize holders of Syrian opposition passports and cancelled the penalties on them including banning from entering Turkey”.

The tweet went viral while some activists and websites confirmed it and news was shared as “great news” for Coalition’s passports holders and a relief for who had problems because of those passports in Turkey.

Verify-Sy contacted Turkish law source following Syrians with coalition passports who denied any issue on this saying Turkish law consider the passport forged and deal with each case separately and there is no possibility to issue a decision including all cases in the countries,added that Turkish judiciary in every province responsible for forging cases in “Coalition passport” case.

Doctor Khaled Lababidi a Syrian who was arrested by Turkish authorities for using one of those passports known “Coalition passports”told Verify-sy:I was arrested and prosecuted of forging for 21 days then court issued to expel me from Turkey and signed a paper for this then hired Turkish lawyer who appealed the decision.

Lababidi confirmed he contacted his lawyer called “Husni Tuna” and asked him about news of “de-criminalize Coalition passports holders” and he denied completely any new law on “coalition passports”cases and Lababidi assured that from following up his case on (E-Devlet) website he saw no change.

In the same context the ex-Coalition chairman Khaled Khouje in a reply to the another opposition figure who shared news on Coalition passports holders he wrote”opposition have no passports,but there are forging networks and the Syrian who hold forged network doesn’t considered criminal by the law,just banned from enter or expelling from Turkey is existing”