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SDF didn’t hand over any area to FSA in Aleppo countryside

  Monday 15th May 2017

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  • 05-15

Syrian news website published yesterday news saying “Moutasem Brigade handed first village from Syrian Democratic Forces” and in it: reports said Syrian armed opposition Moutasem Brigade handed over many villages were under Syrian Democratic Forces and the first is Shiekh Eissa village in Tal Rifaat subdistrict in Aleppo northern countryside by International Coalition decision.


Verify-sy reporter in Aleppo northern countryside denied the claims saying Sheikh Eissa and other villages under SDF control denying any change in groups control map in Aleppo northern countryside.


In its turn Verify-sy called Moutasem Brigade political office chairman Mr.Mostafa Saijari who denied the reports of taking any area from SDF,saying negotiations with SDF still ongoing until now and going correctly.


Worth to mention Moutasem Brigade said several days ago it has official authorization from International Coalition to manage 11 villages in Aleppo northern countryside after receiving it from Syrian democratic Forces.