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The pigeon didn’t saluting Putin!

  Friday 02nd June 2017

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  • 06-02

Social media accounts and pages shared video showing Russian president Vladimir Putin with a Christian religious man passing by a pigeon looks like it was saluting Putin.

Verify-Sy would like to remind followers that this video was edited to make the pigeon looks like it was saluting Putin and it can be seen from the different color shape between the pigeon’s wing from its body.

Though many foreign websites shared this edited video for sarcasm but many Syrian Facebook pages shared it as a real thing, bragging about Putin charismatic leadership that made the animals salute him.

Tishreen newspaper shared the video and said “a leader feared by all, a bird greeting Caesar Putin” while another page said “even the bird salute Putin”

Verify-Sy searched for the original video which is for Putin visit to a religious center in Moscow and the original video show the pigeon passing by the Russian president without saluting him.