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Al-Jazeera didn’t cut Qatar Emir speech

  Wednesday 07th June 2017

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News channels and websites shared news claiming Qatari news channel al-Jazeera cut Qatar Emir Tamim Ben Hamad Al-Thani and broadcasted a report from Saudi news channel al-Arabyia.

News publishers who reported it from a report on al-Arabyia said the program host apologized for the unintentional mistake to the Qatari Emir, considering this is a sign of hesitation in Qatar following cutting ties with it.

But 30 February facebook page revealed that al-Jazeera didn’t cut Tamim’s speech but did a technical error.

The video al-Arabiya used in its report show a minutes of “beyond the news” program hosted by Khadija Ben Qanna on Al-Jazeera who interrupted her guest during the program and told the viewers about the expected speech of the Emir about the current crisis, After than an old report from Al-Jazeera about Qatar Emir speech in Shoura council (Parliament) gathering in 2016 and examples of the current media war with scenes taken from al-Arabiya and Sky News channels.

Verify-Sy attach Qatari Emir speech which was shown in the technical error by Al-Jazeera and you can see it on minute 18:42

And also attach the recording of “Beyond the News” program where the error occurred and show the host apologizing for the mistake by Al-Jazeera-on minute 9:48- not the Emir like what al-Arabiya claimed