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Claims of immediate deportation of pro-Assad refugees in Germany turned out to be untrue

  • 7407
  • 06-08

News on the intention of the German government to deport pro-Assad regime refugees has gone viral on social media; it wa...

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Photos of civilian victims were claimed to be of opposition combatants

  • 8942
  • 06-18

Pro-Assad regime Facebook pages posted photos claiming that they are of opposition combatants who were killed by regime...

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This is not a photo of Maher al-Assad on Idlib and Hama countryside frontlines

  • 12061
  • 06-19

Social media pages circulated a photo claiming that it is of Maher al-Assad, younger brother of the Syrian regime presid...

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Does Turkey Prohibit Syrians From Compulsory Service?

  • 9213
  • 06-22

Pro-Assad social media pages has claimed that Ankara prohibits Syrian who acquired Turkish citizenship from compulsory s...

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Did Assad regime recently shoot down Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus?

  • 7041
  • 07-03

Social media accounts reported that Assad regime air defense shot down an Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus following Israe...

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Syrian Dissident Actor Denies Rumors about His Stance on Assad

  • 10573
  • 07-09

Social media accounts have attributed a statement to Jamal Suliman, a famous Syrian actor, producer, director, and dissident,...

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Old photo of Assad Army Officer Not Related to Recent Battles of Hama

  • 8312
  • 07-11

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of Suhail al-Hassan, the founder and commander of Qwwat al-Nemer (the Tiger For...

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Fabricated Story about Assad’s Son Obtaining High Scores in Scientific Competition

  • 6734
  • 07-15

A pro-Syrian regime Facebook page reported that Hafez al-Assad, the son of the head of the Syrian regime, has officially made...

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Truth Behind ‘Killing Dozens of Protestors in “Israel” in Clashes with Police’

  • 4946
  • 07-16

News of killing dozens following demonstrations that turned violent in “Israel” circulated on social media, after...

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Asian News International claims ISIS Present in Northern Syria

  • 5112
  • 07-24

Asian News International (ANI) has claimed that the Russian-backed Assad regime forces have been facing the Islamic State (IS...

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Assad Regime Forces Didn’t Seize Control of Murek and al-Sayyad

  • 4561
  • 08-13

Social media pages claimed that Assad regime forces have seized control of Murek town and al-Sayyad Citadel in Hama’s n...

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This Video is of Clashes in Iraq, not in Syria’s Latakia

  • 4893
  • 08-14

Facebook accounts and pages have circulated a video that shows clashes with light weapons in a mountainous area, claiming tha...

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Truth Behind “Targeting Turkish Military Convoy in Idlib”

  • 4428
  • 08-19

Note: This report covers the events until the evening of August 19, 2019. News websites and social media pages reported that...

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Videos Unrelated to Recent Khan Shaykhun Battles

  • 4800
  • 08-20

A video, which has been claimed to show regime forces entering the city of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib’s countryside, circul...

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Former British Diplomat Peter Ford Distorts OPCW Report on the 2018 Syria Douma Chemical Attack

  • 8753
  • 08-28

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford has claimed that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW...

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Victim in This Video Isn't Civilian Refused to Flee his Home in Syria's Khan Shaykhoun

  • 4332
  • 09-05

A video of armed men battering a civilian has circulated on social media. It has been claimed that it shows "the Assad forces...

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Disinformation: WDRVM Company Installs First Wind Turbine in Syria and ME

  • 10991
  • 09-06

Pro-Assad regime social media pages have recently claimed that the first wind energy converter in Syria was inaugurated. WDR...

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This Is Old Video, Wasn't Taken in Idlib

  • 4275
  • 09-07

Erkin Öncan, a Turkish journalist at Russian news agency Sputnik, posted a video that shows a Russian military vehicle f...

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