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Fabricated Quotes about Islamists Attributed to Syrian Dissident Intellectual Burhan Ghalioun

  • 4832
  • 08-03

Egyptian websites have claimed that Syrian dissident thinker Burhan Ghalioun stated Islamists reject the civil state aiming t...

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These Two Young Men Aren't Syrians

  • 4589
  • 09-17

A Facebook page called "E'lanat Dimashq" (Damascus Advertisements) has posted a photo of two young men standing in a building...

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Old anti-Sisi Protest inside Metro Claimed to be New

  • 3666
  • 09-28

Turkish newspaper Yenisafak posted on Friday, September 27, a video on Twitter that shows a group of individuals gathered ins...

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This photo Isn't of Suspect of Recent Child Rape in Egypt

  • 6783
  • 09-30

A Facebook page called "Tartus City" shared Sunday a photo of a man, claiming that he has raped his 4-year-old niece, Jana....

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