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Yilmaz, a fighter from Netherlands was killed months ago

  • 27021
  • 01-31

“Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” campaign has reported today that one of the leaders in ISIL known as &ldquo...

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Sputnik claims ISIS presence in al-Ghab Plain

  • 6290
  • 03-10

Russian news agency Sputnik published 2 days ago news saying “Syrian army destroyed an ISIS group tried to attack its p...

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This photo nor in Idlib or Qamishli

  • 12620
  • 04-12

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of two young girls covered in dust while crying.Some pages said...

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Reports of mass bakeries closures in Turkey

  • 5828
  • 04-27

Social media pages recently reported a news about “the exacerbation of bakeries crisis in Turkey, the closure of more...

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A Photo of a Tool to Burn Agricultural Fields in Iraq has gone viral as if it was taken in Syria

  • 8161
  • 06-06

Social media users and pages have recently circulated a photo of a magnifying glass placed in an agricultural field; it was c...

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Asian News International claims ISIS Present in Northern Syria

  • 4639
  • 07-24

Asian News International (ANI) has claimed that the Russian-backed Assad regime forces have been facing the Islamic State (IS...

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SDF Accuses Activist, Former ISIS Prisoner Hasan Kassab of Being Member of ISIS

  • 6508
  • 08-23

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) news sites and social media accounts have circulated a news report about arresting few you...

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Fake Statement Attributed to U.S. about Syria's Manbij Administration

  • 4011
  • 08-25

Social media pages circulated a statement claiming that it was “issued by the U.S. operations leadership, after the US-...

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Victim in This Video Isn't Civilian Refused to Flee his Home in Syria's Khan Shaykhoun

  • 3916
  • 09-05

A video of armed men battering a civilian has circulated on social media. It has been claimed that it shows "the Assad forces...

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This Video Isn't Of Sunni Man Recently Murdered "In Revenge For Hussein"

  • 4863
  • 09-11

A video that shows a group of persons battering a man has circulated on social media. It has been claimed that the man "is Su...

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Viral Photo Claimed to be of Former Commander of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service 

  • 4346
  • 09-29

Iraqis have shared on social media a photo of what was said to to be of the former commander of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism S...

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Verify-Sy Reveals History of Syrian Engineer Arrested by SDF “For Financing ISIS”

  • 7653
  • 10-06

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have arrested Jamal Mabruk, a Syrian civil engineer, on October 10, in a joint operation w...

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The truth behind ISIS former fighters escape from Ein Eissa camp after Turkish shelling

  • 8083
  • 10-14

 Several news websites shared on Sunday news claiming a large number of ISIS fighters escaped a prison in Ein Eissa town...

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This Video Was Taken in Deir al-Zor, Not in Ra's al-Ayn

  • 2715
  • 10-17

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Facebook pages have posted a video Wednesday, claiming that its shows heavy clashes betwee...

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Did ISIS Attack SDF Base West of Raqqa?

  • 3316
  • 10-22

International news agencies have published Wednesday, October 16, a news report attributed the Amaq News Agency of the Islami...

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This Video Was Recorded in Libya, Not of al-Baghdadi’s Killing Operation

  • 2700
  • 10-31

A video, which bears a watermark for Iraqi Afaq TV Channel, circulated on Facebook; it has been claimed that it shows the mil...

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This Photo Is Digitally Altered

  • 7648
  • 10-31

U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted a photo of himself awarding a medal of honor to a dog with a text that reads, "Americ...

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This video is not of ISIS commander in Turkey threatening to fight the Kurds

  • 3824
  • 11-05

Pro-SDF Facebook pages and websites shared recently a video of a bearded man delivering a speech in front of a crowd of peopl...

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