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Was Kurdish Man Recently Murdered in Turkey Because He Raised Kurdistan Flag?

  • 6348
  • 07-21

News of murdering a Kurdish tourist from Iraqi Kurdistan circulated on Facebook. It has been claimed that Turkish nationals m...

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Did Turkish Singer Refuse to Sing in Iraq unless Kurdistan Flag is Taken Down?

  • 5525
  • 08-15

Dozens of websites and social media pages circulated news in which they have claimed that Turkish well-known singer Koray Avc...

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This Video Is Unrelated to Recent Battles East of Euphrates

  • 4015
  • 10-13

Social media pages close to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) have circulated a video of children who were crying inside destr...

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This Video Doesn’t Show Members of SDF Crying After Withdrawal of U.S. Forces

  • 3931
  • 10-24

Social media accounts have posted a video that shows sorrowing men dressed in military uniform, and claimed that commanders a...

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