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What Happened During Demonstrations near Syria-Turkey Border?

  • 4830
  • 08-31

Media outlets along with social media accounts and pages have circulated misinformation about demonstrations yesterday in Idl...

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Is This Photo of Syrians Stomping on Turkish Flag?

  • 10045
  • 09-04

Turkish tweeters have recently circulated a photo of a number of persons stomping on the Turkish flag, holding signs written...

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Old anti-Sisi Protest inside Metro Claimed to be New

  • 3640
  • 09-28

Turkish newspaper Yenisafak posted on Friday, September 27, a video on Twitter that shows a group of individuals gathered ins...

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Did Iraqi Protesters Recently Set Iranian Consulate on Fire in Basra?

  • 3986
  • 10-07

Social media pages have circulated yesterday, October 6, a video of what they said to be Iraqi protesters breaking into the I...

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Photo of Mia Khalifa in Crowd Wasn’t Taken During Recent Protests in Lebanon

  • 44707
  • 10-19

A photo of Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-U.S. former adult film actress, has recently circulated on social media; it has been claim...

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Did Netherlands, Germany Derecognize Iraqi Government against Backdrop of Protests?

  • 6763
  • 11-17

Facebook pages claimed that the Dutch and German parliaments decided to withdraw diplomatic recognition from the Iraqi govern...

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This Video Doesn’t Show Popular Protests in Iran

  • 3635
  • 11-19

Footage of what has been claimed to be showing recent popular protests in Iran has circulated on social media. The video sho...

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This Video Was Taken in Mexico, Not of Iranian Protester Runs Over Police Officers

  • 3530
  • 11-19

Social media websites circulated a video that shows a running over incident, claiming that it shows an Iranian man running ov...

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Syrian Journalist Falsely Accused of “Leading Protests in Lebanon”

  • 4757
  • 11-19

Pro-Lebanese authority parties pages and accounts have circulated a photo of a woman known as leading the anti-authorities pr...

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