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Yilmaz, a fighter from Netherlands was killed months ago

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  • 01-31

“Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” campaign has reported today that one of the leaders in ISIL known as &ldquo...

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Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa commander-in-chief did not turn himself in to Assad forces

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  • 04-19

Pro-regime media outlets reported recently that Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa (LTR) commander-in-chief Ahmad al-Othman, known as Abu E...

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Raqqa: Assad forces has not advanced, nor clashed with SDF

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  • 04-28

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” reported, “The Syrian army managed to advance 3 kilometers on Friday in...

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A Photo of a Tool to Burn Agricultural Fields in Iraq has gone viral as if it was taken in Syria

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  • 06-06

Social media users and pages have recently circulated a photo of a magnifying glass placed in an agricultural field; it was c...

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SDF Accuses Activist, Former ISIS Prisoner Hasan Kassab of Being Member of ISIS

  • 6967
  • 08-23

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) news sites and social media accounts have circulated a news report about arresting few you...

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“Verify” Reporter Investigates News on Abductions and Organ Theft in Raqqa Countryside

  • 5546
  • 09-16

Syrian news outlets and social media pages have recently circulated a news about abductions of women and children in the Raqq...

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These Photos Aren’t of Prisoners of Assad Forces in Idlib Prisons

  • 22650
  • 09-22

On Saturday, social media profiles and pages have shared photos of individuals in a room, most of them wear an orange outfits...

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Verify-Sy Reveals History of Syrian Engineer Arrested by SDF “For Financing ISIS”

  • 8013
  • 10-06

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have arrested Jamal Mabruk, a Syrian civil engineer, on October 10, in a joint operation w...

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Assad Regime Forces Hasn't Deployed to Raqqa

  • 3640
  • 10-16

Russian news agency Sputnik has reported Wednesday, October 16, that the Assad regime forces has entered the city of Raqqa fo...

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Did ISIS Attack SDF Base West of Raqqa?

  • 3776
  • 10-22

International news agencies have published Wednesday, October 16, a news report attributed the Amaq News Agency of the Islami...

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This Photo Isn’t of Motorcycle Explosion in North of Raqqa

  • 2927
  • 12-07

A photo of a burning motorcycle next to a burning vehicle was circulated on Friday by a number of pages and profiles on Faceb...

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Does This Footage Show F-16 Warplane Attacking Assad’s Forces?

  • 1684
  • 02-29

Footage of a quick preparation of an F-16 fighter jet of Turkey’s army has been circulated today on social media. It ha...

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