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Did Macron thank SDF because it helped France to prevent massacres?

  • 7477
  • 02-26

Pro-PYD\SDF news websites shared news saying French President Emmanuel Macron thanked Syrian Democratic Forces SDF because it...

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What is the truth behind the killing of anti-SDF demonstrators in Deir al-Zour countryside?

  • 6403
  • 04-27

Media outlets reported that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed 3 civilians by live bullets in Deir al-Zour countryside,...

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Raqqa: Assad forces has not advanced, nor clashed with SDF

  • 6622
  • 04-28

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” reported, “The Syrian army managed to advance 3 kilometers on Friday in...

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False information coincides with the killing of Turkish soldiers in Syria and Turkey

  • 6494
  • 05-06

Social media pages reported that “Turkish Ministry of National Defence mourned on Saturday three soldiers who were ki...

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A Fake Video Is Being Used to Accuse SDF of Setting Fire to Crops

  • 6877
  • 06-12

Social media accounts posted a video claiming that it shows an Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) vehicle setting fire to wheat c...

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SDF Accuses Activist, Former ISIS Prisoner Hasan Kassab of Being Member of ISIS

  • 6967
  • 08-23

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) news sites and social media accounts have circulated a news report about arresting few you...

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“Verify” Reporter Investigates News on Abductions and Organ Theft in Raqqa Countryside

  • 5546
  • 09-16

Syrian news outlets and social media pages have recently circulated a news about abductions of women and children in the Raqq...

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Verify-Sy Reveals History of Syrian Engineer Arrested by SDF “For Financing ISIS”

  • 8015
  • 10-06

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have arrested Jamal Mabruk, a Syrian civil engineer, on October 10, in a joint operation w...

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Tweeters Distort Video of Turkish Muslim Cleric, Directing It against Kurdish People

  • 4747
  • 10-11

Tweeters have circulated a video of a Turkish Muslim cleric with Arabic subtitles, accusing him of inciting Turkish soldiers...

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Misleading Videos about Turkish Military Operation East of Euphrates

  • 4456
  • 10-11

Social media accounts have circulated two videos, in which civilians killed and injured appear, claiming that it shows victim...

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Commander at National Army Denies Being Arrested in Syria’s al-Hasaka

  • 4592
  • 10-12

Pro-Democratic Union Party (PYD) social media pages and profiles have reported that the PYD have arrested Milad al-Hammoud, o...

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This Is Old Video from Afrin, It Isn’t Of Releasing Prisoners from SDF’s Prisons East of Euphrates

  • 5934
  • 10-12

Social media accounts and pages have recently circulated a video in which a number of civilians including children and women...

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Did Kurdish Activist Give Dog Food to U.S. Secretary of State?

  • 18586
  • 10-13

Social media pages and accounts have circulated a video of a woman giving a box to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, claim...

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The truth behind ISIS former fighters escape from Ein Eissa camp after Turkish shelling

  • 8453
  • 10-14

 Several news websites shared on Sunday news claiming a large number of ISIS fighters escaped a prison in Ein Eissa town...

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Assad Regime Forces Hasn't Deployed to Raqqa

  • 3640
  • 10-16

Russian news agency Sputnik has reported Wednesday, October 16, that the Assad regime forces has entered the city of Raqqa fo...

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Torrent of Misleading Media Materials As Turkish Military Campaign Continues Northern Syria

  • 7508
  • 10-16

Verify-Sy team spotted in the past two days a number of misleading news reports, photos and video, which spread in coincide w...

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This Video Was Taken in Iraq, It Doesn't Show Pursuing Assad's Death Squads in Manbij

  • 2905
  • 10-17

Social media accounts circulated a video of what seems to be security agents pursuing a person holding a flag colored as the...

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This Video Was Taken in Deir al-Zor, Not in Ra's al-Ayn

  • 3037
  • 10-17

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Facebook pages have posted a video Wednesday, claiming that its shows heavy clashes betwee...

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