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Truth Behind “Member of Assad Forces Who Took a Selfie in front of Turkish Observation Post Was Kil...

  • 7257
  • 08-26

A photo that shows a member of Assad forces standing in front of a Turkish military post in the city of Murek in Hama have ci...

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Did Istanbul Forbid Syrian Students from Settling their Residency Status?

  • 4179
  • 08-27

New Turk Post news outlet posted a statement, claiming that Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya issued it concerning the Syria...

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Former British Diplomat Peter Ford Distorts OPCW Report on the 2018 Syria Douma Chemical Attack

  • 8769
  • 08-28

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford has claimed that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW...

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Photos of Detainees by Assad are used as Photos of Assad’s Captive Soldiers

  • 4202
  • 09-01

Facebook pages have reported that two members of the Assad regime forces were released in a prisoner swap. Two photos of a yo...

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This Video Was Taken in Jordan, Not of Lebanese Shooting at Syrian

  • 4442
  • 09-02

Social media pages circulated a video of a person who seemed to be shooting at another person. They have claimed that a Leban...

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Is This Photo of Syrians Stomping on Turkish Flag?

  • 9989
  • 09-04

Turkish tweeters have recently circulated a photo of a number of persons stomping on the Turkish flag, holding signs written...

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Qatar Didn't Use the Syrian Revolution Flag in Official Ad for 2022 World Cup

  • 9091
  • 09-04

Media outlets and social media pages have circulated a photo in which the emblem of the 2022 World Cup appears, surrounded by...

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Disinformation: WDRVM Company Installs First Wind Turbine in Syria and ME

  • 11016
  • 09-06

Pro-Assad regime social media pages have recently claimed that the first wind energy converter in Syria was inaugurated. WDR...

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Umit Ozdag Isn't Leader of Turkish Iyi Party

  • 4490
  • 09-12

Several news websites identified Turkish opposition politician Umit Ozdag as "the new president of the Turkish Good Party (Iy...

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Truth behind "Russian-Supported Rami Makhlouf Coup against Assad"

  • 14243
  • 09-12

News websites and social media profiles and pages have recently circulated rumours on detaining Syrian businessman Rami Maklo...

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Truth behind Map of Turkey That Includes Large Parts of Syria

  • 47482
  • 09-15

News outlets and social media accounts and pages have circulated an image from a Turkish-language book, which the map of mode...

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“Verify” Reporter Investigates News on Abductions and Organ Theft in Raqqa Countryside

  • 5597
  • 09-16

Syrian news outlets and social media pages have recently circulated a news about abductions of women and children in the Raqq...

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These Two Young Men Aren't Syrians

  • 4501
  • 09-17

A Facebook page called "E'lanat Dimashq" (Damascus Advertisements) has posted a photo of two young men standing in a building...

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Were Two Officers of Assad Forces Recently Killed in Khan Shaykhoun ?

  • 3918
  • 09-18

Social media profiles and pages circulated news on killing ten members of the Assad regime forces including two officers as a...

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This Video Was Taken In Restaurant in Syria, Not in Shiite Mosque in Lebanon

  • 4624
  • 09-20

Social media pages have shared a video of people dancing to a song, which lyrics contains phrases of a religious Shiite song,...

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Is Trump of Syrian Ancestry?

  • 6416
  • 09-28

Social media profiles and pages have reposted a TV report, by “Sawt al-Arab”, which suggested that U.S. president...

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Viral Photo Claimed to be of Former Commander of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service 

  • 4914
  • 09-29

Iraqis have shared on social media a photo of what was said to to be of the former commander of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism S...

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Fabricated Statements about Battles of Eastern Euphrates Attributed to Opposition Commander

  • 7736
  • 10-10

A twitter account attributed to Major Jameel al-Saleh posted a series of tweets calling on the Syrian opposition factions not...

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